Jamboree Report

South Tyne League Jamboree

“Thanks to Steve Larkin for  this report” – Tim

This event was held at Haydon Bridge on Tuesday May 27th 2014. Seven teams took part, including for the first time a team, or more precisely three-quarters of a team, from Penrith. The Friars and Carlisle Castles sides were also short of players and were supplemented by players from Tynedale and Haydon Bridge. So the composition of the various teams was as follows:

A. Austins: G. Glover; C. Millar; B. Hardwick; D. Millar.

B. Monarchs: P. Crichton; A. Ashworth; S. Larkin; D. Foster jr.

C. Friars/Tynedale: J. Maxwell; J. Handley; S. Cassidy; B. Reed.

D. Angels: D. Wrigley; T. Wrigley; P. Taylor; P. Booker.

E. Penrith: S. Murdoch; A. Ridley; J. Thwaites.

F. Haydon Bridge: I. Mckay; D.Foster sr; C. Moorcroft; B. Blake.

G. Carlisle Castles/Haydon Bridge: J. Kelly; P. Rivers; D. Jackson; D. Rudge.


The results from round 1 were

C1 J. Maxwell 0.5 0.5 P. Crichton B1

E1 S Murdoch   1     0   D. Wrigley D1

F1 I Mckay       0.5 0.5 J. Kelly       G1

G2 P. Rivers     0     1   G. Glover  A1

C2 J. Handley   0     1 T. Wrigley   D2

A2 C. Millar     1     0 A. Ashworth B2

F2 D. Foster sr   1     0 A. Ridley     E2

B3 S. Larkin     1     0   J. Thwaites E3

A3 B. Hardwick 0   1 S. Cassidy   C3

G3 D. Jackson     1   0 P. Taylor      D3

F3 C. Moorcroft 1   0 D. Millar     A4

B4 D. Foster jr   1   0 P. Booker     D4

E4 ……………..     0   1 bye D. Rudge G4

F4 B. Blake         0   1 B. Reed


The results from round 2 were

D1 D. Wrigley 0.5 0.5 J. Maxwell C1

B1 P. Crichton   0     1   I. Mckay     F1

A1 G. Glover   0.5 0.5 S. Murdoch E1

G1 J. Kelly         1   0   J. Handley C2

B2 A. Ashworth 1   0   D. Foster sr F2

D2. T. Wrigley   0   1   C. Millar     A2

E2 A. Ridley     0.5 0.5 P. Rivers     G2

C3 S. Cassidy   0.5 0.5 D. Jackson G3

E3 J. Thwaites   1   0 B. Hardwick A3

D3 P. Taylor     0.5 0.5 C. Moorcroft F3

G4 D. Rudge     0   1   S. Larkin     B3

C4 B. Reed     1bye   ……………..     E4

D4 P. Booker     1   0 B. Blake       F4

A4 D. Millar       1   0 D. Foster jr   B4


So the final team scores were

A. Austins                                       4.5

B. Monarchs                                   4.5

C. Friars/Tynedale                         4.5

D. Angels                                      3

E. Penrith                                       3

F. Haydon Bridge                           4

G. Carlisle Castles/Haydon Bridge 4.5


So the Arthur Fulton memorial trophy was, for the first time in the history of the event, shared by four teams. Perhaps for the future we should devise a way of producing a more clear-cut result?


Bill Hardwick presented the league trophy to the new champions, Friars. And board prizes went to George Glover (board 1), Dave Foster sr (board 2), Bruce Wallace (board 3) and Drew Millar (board 4).


Thanks are due to David Tulip for organising the venue and the ample refreshments. As ever, the atmosphere was highly congenial and the results (almost) incidental.


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