Angels v HB

Played at Corbridge – Tue 4 Nov 2015
Angels H/c Res res H/c Haydon Bridge
David Wrigley 1 2 2 3 Ian Mackay
Tim Wrigley 2 4 0 4 Tom Bradford
Alex Ashworth 5 4 0 7 Ralph Fawcett
Steve Larkin 5 4 0 8 Damian Rudge
13 14 2 22
27 24

2 Replies to “Angels v HB”

  1. Table shows Angels v Friars, but should read Angels v Hayden Bridge.
    The Friars v Angels is due to played Nov 10th @ the zBelted Will
    Thanks Phil Walters


    1. Thanks Phil, I have now amended the table.

      FYI, The way this website works, the first time you submit a comment, I get to approve it. Any subsequent comments should appear immediately. Tim


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