S Tyne Table


South Tyne Chess League Table 2015-16 (as at 16 Dec 2015)
Team Played..W..D..L Results Match
Points Points Points
Friars 4………3..0..1 71 34 6
Angels 4………2..0..2 64 44 4
Monarchs 3………2..0..1 67 20 4
Austins 3………1..0..2 55 20 2
Haydon Bridge 2………0..0..2 40 6 0

South Tyne Time Handicap – Sun 6 Jul

The South Tyne Time Handicap is to be revived and will be held on Sunday 6th July at 12 noon – Haydon Bridge Club

Bill has sent me the following details:

We decided at our last AGM to revive this competition and the above date and venue has now been set.  The format will be 5 games of 50 minutes each with players times being handicapped according to their gradings.
Planned Schedule;-
To arrive and Register from 12 o’clock and then games to start at around
12.30,1.30, 2.30, 3.30 and 4.30.  We have to leave by 6pm, hence the 50 minute games.
I thought it best to make use of our own League handicapping system and a copy of this is attached, along with a list of handicaps for each of our League players.
This will work by taking the difference between the players handicaps and then:
Difference               Higher Grade Player      Lower Grade Player
                                    clock time.                 clock time.
     0-2                               25 mins                       25 mins
     3-5                               20 mins                       30 mins
     6-7                               15 mins                       35 mins
     8-10                             10 mins                       40 mins
Food will be provided on the day and the entry fees will be £6.00 adults and £4.00 juniors.  Based upon a total entry of about 30 people prizes are estimated at;-
1st prize    £60
2nd prize   £30
3rd prize    £10
Being a handicap event everyone will take part in the same competition so I just need to know who wishes to enter and for those who don’t already have one of our own handicap grades just let me know your ECF grading.  If none is held then I will assess a handicap number for you based on whatever information is known.
The South Tyne league operates on a cash-only system, simply because we have not had a need to arrange a bank account.  Can everyone therefore please pay on the day and if payment by cheque is more convenient for anyone then please make payable to “A W Hardwick”.
I have extended the invitation to Penrith Club and would be grateful if Andy, Steve and Kevin could pass the details on to your other club members.  Similarly, Damian and Dave Foster may wish to invite players from Bardon Mill.


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